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    Why is Construction Waste Management Important?

    Aside from there being a legal requirement to manage the waste on a construction site, there is also a moral obligation to do it in a responsible way. By reusing and recycling certain materials it helps build your reputation as a sustainable business, and can also be more cost effective, increase productivity, and make for a safer working environment, especially if tools such as multiple skip hire are considered.

    Having experts from a reputable company help you with your site clearances can assist with helping you find efficient ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. as much material as possible as opposed to just simply disposing of it.

    Reduce construction site waste

    We are all aware of the importance of reducing the waste that goes into landfill and we are all trying to do our bit to be a little more eco friendly. By using reusable and recyclable materials and having a plan of action on how to reduce the amount of waste is not only good for the environment, but can also help to keep costs low with less waste to remove during the site clearance.

    Ways to reduce construction site waste include; preserving existing buildings as opposed to demolishing and building from new, however, if this is not possible, design new buildings to be adaptable for the future by optimizing the size of the building. You can also look into construction methods that will allow for easy disassembly to facilitate the materials to be recycled.

    Reuse construction site waste

    Recovering and preserving site waste for future jobs can prove to be an environmentally friendly approach as well as a great way of being cost effective. Some of the valuable materials that can easily be reused include insulation materials, clean wood, plastics, concrete, masonry scrap and rubble, landscape debris, asphalt pavements, and gravel.

    When you are looking for skip hire in Northampton or a site clearance, keep in mind that many manufacturers will take certain products back if they are in good condition to save on waste.

    Recycle construction site waste

    A huge amount of construction site waste can be recycled, when looking into skip hire from a site clearance company it can be a beneficial idea to have several skips on site so that recyclable and non recyclable materials can be separated.

    If your field team are working to a strict timescale or is on a site with limited space, there is the option for commingled recycling. Commingled recycling is where the waste is separated off site. An alternative recycling option would be hybrid recycling which allows for some materials to be sorted on site, and the remaining materials to be taken away to be sorted either at a later date or by a different team.

    You can look at recycling items such as rubble, concrete, wood (including wooden furniture), steel, brass, and copper.

    Use a reputable company for your construction site clearance

    Unfortunately, not all site waste can be recycled, this is why it is so important to use a reputable company that can help dispose of all waste, including the management of hazardous waste. Total disposal of waste should only be an option if the decision has been made that the materials are not able to be reused.

    Utilizing skip hire, or multiple skips for a site clearance from an experienced waste removal company is the most practical and effective way to have your construction waste responsibly disposed of.

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