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    What are the Benefits of Skip Hire When Moving House?

    While exciting, moving house can be stressful. Whether you have been in your current home for 12 years, or 12 months, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of stuff you want to get rid of that you have accumulated over that time. Having a skip not only eliminates the need for several trips to the tip, which can cause damage to your car, not to mention the additional petrol usage, it makes it much easier to get rid of unnecessary items.

    Here at L.Jarvis & Sons Metals, we have skips in a range of sizes, including Mini, Midi, and larger skips. The smaller sizes are great for domestic use as they can easily fit within a driveway and will cause minimal disruption if they are placed on the road outside your home too. The skips can be dropped off and picked up at a convenient time to suit your schedule, whilst providing you with the comforting knowledge that the waste is being disposed of in a responsible way.

    Skips are a huge time saver when you are moving house, all those trips to the tip can be exhausting and strenuous, while taking up so much of your valuable time. If you are moving house and clearing out the property, the queue time to get into the tip alone can be infuriating, especially during the weekend! Aside from the time, the easiest way to dispose of items in this way is in plastic bin-liners which are not environmentally friendly. You can decide to invest in bio-degradable bin-liners, however, they can still take a minimum of 15 years to degrade.

    You will find that if you decide to hire a skip, you will feel great satisfaction in wanting to fill it to the brim, this encourages you to throw out items that have little use anymore, that you may not part with otherwise. Overall, having fewer items to transport can significantly reduce your moving cost, removal companies will often quote you for the number of trips it has taken them, or the weight of your items once loaded.

    How Can Skip Hire Help You Move Home?

    If you are moving from a rental property, often the property owner will demand that the house be left in the exact state that it was in when you moved in. A neutral space is more desirable for potential tenants to envisage themselves in, therefore, if you have decorated during your time there, this will all need to be removed. This could involve stripping wallpaper, numerous tins of paint, brushes, white spirit, tools, packaging, etc all having to be disposed of before you leave the property to ensure you receive your deposit back. 

    This is also a significant factor to take into consideration if you are looking to sell your home but have not yet put it on the market, you want to maximise the amount of space you have, whilst giving off the perception of a clean, uncluttered home which new homeowners can easily put their stamp on. 

    Hiring a skip allows for a more effortless movement and a completely fresh start. When you move into a new property it is exciting to purchase new furniture, curtains, artwork, and appliances. By getting rid of your excess clutter, it will help provide you with a clear space within your new home to make the right decisions.

    Jarvis Metal Skip Hire

    Discover a convenient way to clear your property if you’re moving home with our skip hire services. Explore the high-quality skips we offer available in a wide range of sizes today. Give us a call on 01295 710 223 to find out more or visit our contact page to enquire further.