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  • Licensing for Scrap Metal Dealers

    The scrap metal industry is tightly regulated and requires all dealers to be licensed to comply with the law. With the widespread illegal trade in metal scrappage, these regulations help to ensure that all scrap metal is disposed of in a legal, eco-friendly way. 

    Anyone seeking to deal in scrap metals, like copper and aluminium, must have a valid licence. There are two main forms of licences: a mobile collector’s licence or a site licence. However, there are various other licences that may be available depending on the regulations of the local authority.

    The Types Of Licences

    Mobile collector’s licence – A mobile collector’s licence is required to collect metal within the local council or authority area. This licence only applies to collectors using vehicles. 

    Site licence – A site licence is necessary to trade as a metal dealer at a designated site or multiple sites. The licence also covers the transportation of metal to and from these designated locations.

    It’s illegal to deal in scrap without valid credentials. Failing to comply with this law can result in a heavy fine or even imprisonment in some cases. While it is perfectly legal to sell scrap metal that you already own, it’s not legal to collect metal from elsewhere to sell on for a profit. This is why it is vital to never trade in scrap, such as scrap copper, without a licence.

    To avoid a penalty and potential criminal proceedings, it’s recommended that anyone needing to sell metal visit a licensed dealer. For further guidance, follow these dos and don’ts:


    ●       Seek out the services of a licensed dealer. Avoid any legal repercussions by using an established and licensed scrapper.

    ●       Only sell metal that you already own. It’s legal to sell or recycle metal that you own, but be sure to use a licensed dealer.

    ●       Apply for a licence if you want to trade. Obtain a mobile collector’s licence or a site licence if you want to trade in scrap.


    ●       Deal in scrap you don’t own. It is illegal to collect, sell, or recycle metal that you don’t already own without a licence.

    ●       Operate a scrap business from a premises. It’s illegal to operate a scrap business from premises without a site licence.

    How Can L.Jarvis & Sons Help?

    At L.Jarvis & Sons, we’re an established scrap merchant based in Banbury. We’re fully licensed and able to dispose of scrap metals in a safe, eco-friendly manner. This includes ferrous and non-ferrous metals, especially copper and aluminium.

    As well as being able to scrap small quantities of metal, we also specialise in car scrappage and the processing of large quantities of metal from commercial projects. Whatever your scrappage requirements, you can trust us to provide you with a fair quote.

    Call us today on 01295 710223 or visit our contact page to obtain a quote for any scrap metal you need to get rid of. We deal with both commercial entities and private individuals and in all cases, we seek to recycle the metal in the most environmentally friendly way possible.