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    L. Jarvis & Sons – House Waste Removal | 3 Ways to Save Money

    If you’re thinking about having a clear-out at home, or if you’re undertaking a property renovation, one of the costs you’ll likely be needing to budget for is skip hire and site clearance. Depending on the scope of your project, you may be estimating high costs, but there are ways to keep the price of your house waste removal down, as we explain below.

    How to Save Money on Waste Removal?

    First thing’s first, it’s important to understand what is factored into a waste removal quote. At L. Jarvis & Sons, we look at a number of things, including how much waste you have, the size of the waste you have, and the type of waste. Each waste removal project is different which is why we provide entirely bespoke quotes tailored to your exact needs.

    We are among the most affordable waste removal providers, but despite our inexpensive service, there are still ways you can reduce your costs. These also apply if you live outside our area remit and are trying to save money on your project overall.

    Saving Money on Waste Removal

    There are three main ways you can save money, as outlined below:

    Check if it Can be Reused or Donated

    The first way you can save money is to determine what can be donated to charity, a shelter, family/friends, or given away for free. This will reduce how much waste you have overall, and therefore bringing the overall cost of your quote down. Alternatively, you can try to repurpose items into something new.

    Things such as clothes, furniture, books, working electronics, appliances, décor, and accessories can all be donated. Large chain charities like the British Heart Foundation and Barnardo’s typically operate in most areas and greatly accept donations, but you can also check with smaller charities and community centres to see if anyone else can make use of your donation.

    Break Down Your Waste

    Bulky items can be harder to manoeuvre and dispose of which can make waste loads with bulky items more expensive to clear. To mitigate this, break down waste where possible into smaller piles. For example, if you have a large wooden backboard that can’t be donated or reused, you could try to break it down to reduce the bulkiness.

    Share Your Skip

    At L. Jarvis & Sons, we provide affordable skip hire for those looking to clear domestic waste, but you can further reduce the amount you pay by sharing a skip. More people than you might think could make use of a skip, so check with neighbours, family, and friends to see if they could benefit from a skip. This way, you can halve the cost by splitting it.

    We provide six sizes of skips perfect for sharing, including:

    ·       6-yard skips

    ·       8-yard containers

    ·       10-yard containers

    ·       12-yard containers

    ·       16-yard skips

    ·       20-yard skips

    Get in Touch Today

    At L. Jarvis & Sons, we always aim to make waste removal as cheap as possible for our clients, so we’re more than happy to share tips on how to further reduce the price you pay. If you’re interested in learning more about our house waste removal services, please contact us