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    How Many Scrap Cars Are There In The UK?

    The UK scraps a considerable number of cars every year — among the highest on the European continent. The most recent data from Eurostat shows around 1.4 million vehicles were sent for scrap in 2018. Approximately 85% of these cars are recycled into new metal and the rest are reused for parts or simply disposed of.

    The trend towards cleaner modes of transport in the form of electric and hybrid cars is one reason for the increase in cars going for scrap. However, new legislation and the rollout of city ‘clean air’ zones is also a factor, as are car scrappage schemes. All this means we should continue to see a rise in scrap cars over the coming years.

    The vast majority of scrap cars are older models, often diesel vehicles. They can also include petrol cars with low emission standards. Note that spare parts from older cars cannot be used on newer models so recycling is often the only alternative. Owners can sell privately, but demand is low and the sale value is usually negligible.

    Making a profit on scrap cars

    An option for owners of older vehicles who want to upgrade to a newer model is to take the car to a vehicle scrap yard. Most scrap dealers pay favorable rates for scrap cars, giving the owner a tidy fee compared to the other options on offer. Owners can then put this towards a newer vehicle, such as a hybrid, electric, or even a hydrogen model car.

    Scrap metal dealers and dedicated car breakers are the most economical and practical methods to dispose of older cars. While owners can take advantage of trade-in schemes, these are best suited to people with newer models. Older car owners will gain minimal profit on a trade-in, so scrappage is often the best route to take.

    Scrapping a car: the process

    The process of scrapping a car is highly regulated in the UK. Owners looking to scrap must use an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Dealers must follow the End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) regulations. This includes obtaining a license from the local authority, hazardous waste procedures, and duty of care for non-hazardous waste.

    Roadworthy cars are suitable for scrap, as are damaged cars with no MOT. Car owners who want to scrap their car for money can obtain a quotation (usually free of charge) from a local dealer, like our friendly team at Jarvis Metals.

    Scrapping a car is often the best course of action if the upkeep or repair is too costly to justify. Once a car is scrapped, the owner will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). They must then inform the DVLA. A vehicle logbook (V5C) is also required. Paperwork complete, the owner will receive their money for the scrapped vehicle.

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