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    A Guide to Skip Permits

    Are you thinking about hiring a skip to get rid of some of your waste? If so, you may need a skip permit. Knowing whether you are required to obtain a skip permit, as well as if it’s your job to apply for one, can be confusing.

    At L. Jarvis & Sons, we are one of the premier providers of skip hire in Northampton, making us best placed to answer all your questions about skip permits and licensing. So, if you have questions about skip hire, read on as we detail everything you need to know.

    Do You Need a Skip License?

    Firstly, let’s go through who actually needs a skip license. If you have a private driveway or front garden where a skip can be placed, you don’t need to worry about getting a skip permit. This is because it will be on your property and won’t cause any disruption or access issues to your neighbours or anyone else in the local area.

    On the other hand, if you don’t have a driveway or garden where a skip can go, you’ll need a license which gives you permission to put the skip on the road.

    Where Do You Need a Skip License?

    As mentioned, anywhere where a skip will need to be placed on a public road or highway will require a licence. This is the same around the country. Skip permits do not give you permission to put the skip on a pavement, nor does they allow you to put it on double yellow lines.

    Even when you do have a skip permit, you must ensure all utility points such as manholes and drains are accessible and uncovered, and that your neighbours still have access to their property.

    How Long Do Skip Permits Last?

    Generally speaking, skip permits last for two weeks, although this can vary depending on your local authority. Most local authorities have different rules regarding skips, so you must check with yours first. For example, in Norwich, the council requires all skips to have a lid on overnight, but this isn’t a steadfast rule across the country.

    The same goes for the skip permit length so make sure to contact our council for more information. 

    How Long Does it Take to Get a Permit?

    In most cases, the provider of your skip will apply for a permit for you, but sometimes, the council may ask that you apply yourself. Typically, it will take around four days for a skip permit application to be approved provided you are able to meet the council’s requirement regarding access.

    What Happens if I Don’t Have a Skip Permit?

    Sometimes, the council might refuse your skip permit if it’s not safe for the skip to be placed on the road or if it interferes with roadworks. If your permit is declined, you should not get a skip because doing so will result in a fine and the council removing it immediately. Instead, look for skip alternatives such as a waste clearance service.

    Arranging a Skip

    If you’re looking for skip hire in Northampton or Banbury, get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with more information regarding the process, including getting a permit.